Our family-owned winery is located in the southwest of Germany. It is the sunniest region of the country. We are producing dry white and red wines in the heart of the so-called Kaiserstuhl, an extinguished volcanic belt.
Our family’s viticultural roots reach back to the 18th century. But under the name Salwey, the winery is operating in third generation by now.



Heinrich Nepomuk Steiert (1880-1967)


As early as in the 1920’s, the wines by Heinrich Nepomuk Steiert were standing for highest standards.

He was also one of the founders of the Association of German Natural Wine Auctions – the forerunner of today’s VDP.


Anneliese und Benno Salwey


His daughter Anneliese (1916-2000) married Benno Salwey (1912-1976), who was born in West Prussia. After world war II he was resettled and came to Kaiserstuhl.
Together, they ran her family’s farm with a mixed focus on agriculture and wine.

Wolf-Dietrich Salwey (1941-2011)


Their son, Wolf-Dietrich Salwey, exponded the production of wines and distillates. His quality standards and restless developing of his wines increased the reputation of the winery. Thanks to his efforts and vision, he brought back the image of Baden as Germany’s top region for Burgundy wines, in particular Pinot Noir.

Moreover, he was an active supporter of the VDP.Baden, leading Salwey winery to become the first member of its region.

Konrad Salwey


Konrad Salwey is Wolf-Dietrich’s oldest son. He is now following the family path, finding his own ways. After learning at various German wine estates, among others Hans Wirsching and Müller-Catoir, he completed his oenology studies at the University of Geisenheim.

In 2002, Konrad returned to his family’s business in Oberrotweil.
Since 2011, Konrad manages the winery and is therefore shaping its strategic direction and wine development.
He is well-known for trying new ways of vinification, always refining Salwey’s pure style of wine.

His Pinot Gris is the flagship of Salwey winery today.

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