Wine making and styles

Our vines are grown respecting climate, animals and plants. Nature conservation is a priority for us.
We include one of the biggest nature reserve of the region, Kirchberg, within our vineyards.

All grapes are harvested by hand, transported with a lot of caution to the winery and selected before the actual vinification process starts indoors. We make exclusively dry and completely fermented wines. Our style is clear, straightforward and is only characterized by the different variety of grapes and the minerality of each terroir.
Most of our wines age in well-selected wooden barrels and barriques made of Kaiserstuhl oak and develop in our mountain cellar.

Our motto: As little as possible, as much as necessary.






Kaiserstuhl classics. Dry quality wines. Easy-drinking.
We chose the falcon as symbol for the labels of our estate wines, in german called Gutsweine, as it is one of the most common species of the nature reserve at Kirchberg.



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The VDP.Ortswein come from village's best vinyards. Salweys Ortswein are true Burgundy classics from our top locations in Oberrotweil. The grapes grow on old plants, the wines are fully fermented and aged in large wooden barrels and barriques. These wines are made for special moments.


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These are wines from specially identified top locations and old vine plants. They age in large wooden barrels and barriques and stand for elegant, dry wines. You can taste unequivocal the terroir of each location. Our VDP.GG-wines are soft, full-bodied and clear with impressing aromas. Simply exceptional wines.


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Kirchberg VDP.GROSSE LAGE® | 48°04‘55.2“N 7°36‘52.3“E

Salwey Estate owns 4.5 hectares of vineyards on the Kirchberg, the local mountain. It consists of hard, barren volcanic rock seamed with limestone veins. The site was used to mine gravel stone with dynamite. Now it contains one of the best protected nature reserves in the country.
During summertime, the Kirchberg becomes very hot. So that only old vines with deep roots can survive. They are exclusively planted on steep slopes with up to 45 % ascent. Together with cool west winds from France it prevents the plants from dehydration and keep them healthy. Our wines from Kirchberg are characterised by a nice acidity and a lot of tannins due to its volcanic soil.


Henkenberg VDP.GROSSE LAGE® | 48°05‘45.7“N 7°36‘58.4“E

The soil of Henkenberg is unique. It consists of cooled, weathered lava and limestone veins, covered by dark volcanic ash. The capacity of Henkenberg to save water and its moderate slope prevent the vines from overheating. All grapes for our GG-Henkenberg-wines come from old plants.


Steingrubenberg VDP.GROSSE LAGE® | 48°04‘53.3“N 7°37‘40.1“E

Until 2018, the wines from this location were sold under the name of Henkenberg.
Now, Steingrubenberg got titled as an independent vineyard again, just as it was before the reform of the German wine law in 1970. We support getting back to the original name, as Steingrubenberg’s parcels have no plausible proximity to the actual Henkenberg vineyards.
Steingrubenberg is located outside of Oberrotweil in the direction to Bickensohl and has an exposure to the east. It is very rocky, with weathered, porous volcanic rock. The Pinot Blanc vines and Chardonnay grapes were planted here in 1986 and 2017.


Eichberg VDP.GROSSE LAGE® | 48°05‘42.3“N 7°37‘31.0“E

Eichberg is an impressive, sun-drenched cone, covered by black volcanic soil and tuff. Our parcels are facing east, an ideal situation, as it prevents the grapes from the strong afternoon sun. Its vines are old and have small-berry grapes, a wonderful basis for our Pinot Gris and Pinot Noirs. Eichberg’s wines are powerful, with a clear fruit and minerality as well as a great aging potential.


Our cellar in Oberrotweil is our pride and joy. Konrad’s dad Wolf-Dietrich built the cellar into the mountain in 1997. The 35-meter-long main tunnel as well as the 25-meter-long side tunnel create a perfect aging environment for our wines. Between 4 to 12 meters under earth, the cellar has a constantly cool temperature of 11,5° to 13° Celsius all year around. Furthermore, a built-in sprinkler system is controlling the air humidity. This supports especially the reds.

25-meter-long side tunnel

35-meter-long main tunnel

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