Salwey Weingut

Weingut Salwey | Oberrotweil am Kaiserstuhl | Germany

Salwey. Always dry. Always Pinot.

Weingut Salwey in Oberrotweil is proud of its history as a classic family-run estate. Yet that tradition only tells part of the story.

Konrad is the third generation of Salwey to run the winery, which focuses on Pinot varieties traditional to the Kaiserstuhl region. The estate is renowned for its fine vineyards, including three "Erste Lagen": Oberrotweiler Henkenberg, Eichberg and Kirchberg. Weingut Salwey is a member of the Verband der Deutschen Prädikatsweingüter (VDP).

Konrad Salwey is renowned for his willingness to experiment. He knows it takes daring to try new techniques, and nerve to move on if need be — all in the interest of making better wine. While Weißburgunder and Spätburgunder are well represented in his portfolio, his grand passion is and remains Grauburgunder, the estate's flagship varietal.

The wines are strongly shaped by the loess and weathered volcanic soils of the vineyards, and are always fully fermented. In the cellar, nature is provided with plenty of time and space to do her work. Our job is to guide the other variables, including strict standards in the vineyards, a 100% selective hand harvest and wild yeast fermentation in large wooden barrels.
Our hands-off approach in the cellar also means that the wines are neither fined nor filtered.

All in keeping to the motto: as much as needed, and not a whit more.

Konrads Tagebuch | FEINSCHMECKER Bookazine Nr. 15

Aus unserem Archiv eine schöne HomeStory!
Konrad Salwey erzählt aus dem Nähkästchen und begleitet im Zeitraffer durch das Weinjahr.
Erschienen im FEINSCHMECKER BOOKAZINE Nr. 15 - lesenswert!
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First class wines reflect a first class team!

Winegrowing requires experience, intuition and, above all else, a love of the vines. We've assembled a formidable and well-qualified squad of lovely individuals to work in the vineyards and cellar. Some have been here for many years, others for only a few months as trainees. 
Diverse backgrounds, training and life experiences come together to form a dedicated, knowledgeable team unafraid to strive for excellence. Their continued success has proven an enduring delight to wine professionals and enthusiasts the world over.
And we're exceptionally proud of it.

Konrad Salwey

Vigneron, oneologist, our boss.
Konrad Salwey is responsible for the strategic direction of the estate, and has the final word when it comes to the wines. He is constantly refining the estate's style and is always ready to try something new. He has an affinity for wines aged in large wooden casks and barriques made from locally sourced oak.
Konrad Salwey is a passionate proponent of his region's cuisine, as well as a family man and inveterate pétanque player.

Stephanie Salwey

Konrad's wife, tax accountant.
Loving mother to three dear daughters, manages our books, consults on all major managerial issues. And somewhere in there, she and Konrad also work together on marketing concepts.

Wolf Dietrich Salwey (1941 - 2011)

Vigneron, visionary, beloved patriarch in all of the best ways possible.
Wolf Salwey first bought the Rinzberghof in the Glotter Valley at the tender age of 23, and then launched with gusto into a distinguished career  as a winegrower. With an uncompromising orientation toward quality and an endless supply of energy, he grew the reputation of our wines over decades. Grounded, engaged and visionary, he helped rebuild Baden's image as the home of German Pinot wines, especially the Spätburgunder. He was a key figure in the establishment of the VDP BADEN.
Wolf Dietrich Salwey passed away in January 2011 from a traffic accident in Hagnau am Bodensee.
He was our model, our friend, our patron and our boss. We treasure our memory of the time we had with him.

Martina Salwey

The big boss — and the heart of the family.
Helped Wolf Dietrich Salwey grow the estate to its current standing, not least through her sterling reputation as an expert in ecological matters and troubleshooter in the vineyard. Martina Salwey is currently focused on helping a different crop — her many grandchildren — grow big and strong, and enjoying life in southern Baden. 

Boubaker 'Sandi' Bensadi

Cellarmaster and operation manager at the estate, a member of the team for over 30 years, knows every stone and even more stories, and even produces his own olive oil on the side in Tunisia.
As Wolf Salwey's right hand man, Sandi was significantly involved in the growth of the estate into one of Germany's finest. The Kaiserstuhl has long since become his home — in his own words "...the loveliest region near and far..."!

Christian Sax

Hat bei uns seine Winzerlehre gemacht und sattelt jetzt noch den Meister obendrauf.
Im Außenbetrieb zuständig für das Wohl unserer Reben.
Engagiert sich in der Landjugend und ist aktiver Feuerwehrmann. 

Martina Bartsch

Martina Bartsch handles our logistics. She oversees all order processing, ensuring that orders arrive even in the most distant places safe and on time. She also manages our back office and sales staff.
She and her husband also rent lovely vacation apartments in Oberrotweil.

Jacek Czerniachowicz

Jacek Czerniachowicz ist Winzer und seit 2007 bei uns.
Ihn begeistern die Kaiserstühler Landschaft und natürlich der gute Wein, den es hier gibt.
Als Skiläufer schätzt er die Berge des nahen Schwarzwaldes, in der schneefreien Zeit sucht er Ausgleich beim Basketballspielen. 

Marcus Schür

Our fields director, with a degree in commerce and a golden touch when it comes to the vines and the weather.
He claims he can literally hear the grass growing and enjoys being part of the harvest.
Living in the Kaiserstuhl is a privilege and an honor for him: "... the extraordinary landscape and extraordinary people...".

Philipp Hettich

Sommelier, a decorated wine economist with a degree in the field, an expert restaurateur, with international experience and a born-and-bred Kaiserstuhl native. Philipp Hettich is our sales manager and consultant on all strategic affairs.
He travels tirelessly throughout Germany, using his knowledge of and insight into wine to spread the word as our ultimate ambassador and sales pro. But for all his travels, there's no place like home here in southern Baden. 

Henrik Senn

A winemaker himself, working for us in the vineyards. Day after day, whatever the weather, you'll find him outdoors tending to the terroir and the vines. Without complaint, too, since he's working "... in the most beautiful area in the world..."!
Henrik Senn is a member of the community council of Vogtsburg, an active fireman and soccer player.
He also rents lovely vacation properties in Oberrotweil (

Dieter Karle

Dieter Karle ist Maschinist auf unserem Weingut und das seit einer gefühlten Ewigkeit.
Er bringt dem Holder das Laufen bei und läßt die Maschinen im Außeneinsatz ordentlich krachen.
Besondere Merkmale: energiegeladen, chronisch gute Laune und immer einen Schalk im Nacken.
Gedanken zum Kaiserstuhl? "Eine Traumgegend"!


Simon Kreutner

Simon Kreutner is a cooper and viticultural technician from Bahlingen. He handles a variety of tasks in and around the estate, including down in the cellar.  He came to us following stops in Breisach, Eichstetten and New Zealand. In his free time, Simon volunteers with the Bahlingen Fire Department and in the music association.
His commitment to the Kaiserstuhl is crystal clear: "Landscape, wine, home."


Karin Bolanz

Our beloved Karin. Wolf's sister, the Baden Wine Queen 1964/65, herself the owner for many decades of an estate in Mühlheim-Zunzingen, co-founder of the Kaiserstuhl Grauburgunder Symposium and still today a force of nature engaged in a variety of topics related to wine.
Karin jumps in wherever we need her, especially when things get tight.
She also has a storied knack for dealing with customers.

Carmen Müller

Ms. Müller is our bookkeeper and bursar - she's the one who ensures everyone from employees and suppliers to the revenue office gets paid on time. She finds balance in the nature that surrounds the Kaiserstuhl, "a place that has always been my home, and is full of diversity and beauty."

Daniela Jäger

Daniela Jäger hails from Burkheim, holds a degree in commerce (Wholesaling/Export) and an advanced degree in business administration.
She's the right hand woman for Philipp Hettich, our sales director. She can also be found from time to time in the tasting room, ably serving our customers.
In her free time she's active with the Rural Youth Organization (Landjugend), the volunteer fire department, the Burkheim Carnival Crewe and the City Band of Burkheim... small wonder that this Kaiserstuhl native rejoices that she can live and work here — for her, the beautiful landscapes, friends, wines and healthy local mentality all make life here a pleasure.

Stanislaw Waliczek

Herr Waliczek ist seit über zwei Jahrzehnten bei uns Betriebshelfer.
Auch er kennt hier jeden Stein und fast jeden Rebstock.
In der Feizeit gehts bei ihm sehr sportlich zu - er bikt viel und trainiert seinen Sohn in Fußball.

Beate Rieflin

Beate ist seit 3 Jahren unser Mädchen für alles - sie kümmert sich um viele kleine Jobs im Oberrotweiler Betrieb und ist immer da, wenn wir sie brauchen. Am Herzen liegen ihr auch die Kinder in Oberrotweil: sie engagiert sich als Vorstand der Krabbelstube und ist 1. Vorsitzende im örtlichen Kindergarten.
Den Kaiserstuhl findet sie "...superschön!" und empfiehlt ihn als Urlaubsregion. 

Max Fredrich

Kommt aus dem Markgräfler Land und ist unser Azubi für den Winzerberuf.
Wenn es die Zeit zuläßt engagiert er sich bei der Feuerwehr, er ist zudem aktiver Guggenmusiker. Für den Kaiserstuhl schwärmt er leidenschaftlich, ihn beeindrucken die Landschaft und natürlich die vielschichtige Weinkultur. 

Engelbert Hoferer

Engelbert "Engo" Hoferer is a winemaker and oversees the warehouse logistics, shipping and goods configuration departments at Weingut Salwey. He lives "over there" in France and knows both sides of the Rhine plain well. He nevertheless finds the Kaiserstuhl to be something special — in his words, "...Germany's Little Tuscany."


Adi IV. - our Labrador in Oberrotweil. He's more than just a mascot, he's a member of the family. He guards the tasting room and knows all our regular customers. Dreadfully susceptible to bribes, payable in either food or affection.


The opposite of Adi IV. Incorruptible, steadfast and never caught napping.
Pinot minds our estate grounds in Unterrotweil.
His magnetic appeal to the local lady dogs is legendary.