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The Kaiserstuhl and its neighboring Markgräfler Land are often referred to as Germany's Little Tuscany.
The same conditions that produce an ideal climate for winegrowing also make it a perfect place for growing fruit and vegetables.
Regional specialties, extensive agriculture in protected hillside vineyards, groves and meadows all come together to offer a diverse base for Salwey's fine schnapps and brandies.

Our fruit brandies (eau de vie) made from selected regional fruits are distilled from only the finest base ingredients.
Pomace brandies are made from our own wine production. Grauburgunder wine lees, drawn directly following fresh fermentation, has long been a Kaiserstuhl specialty. 
We distill the raw brandy in multiple rounds and then — as with our wines — leave it the time and space to fully develop. The liquid is matured in large glass vessels or in oak or ash casks in order to develop its structure and full aromatic range. Where color is involved, they tend to range from sunny gold to orange.

Each and every one of our fine spirits and brandies is handcrafted with dedication and devotion — and Salwey's unwavering promise of quality from harvest through bottling. 

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